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REVIEW – BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance


BABYMETAL¬†are a group of Japanese school girls who burst onto the scene internationally a few years ago with the release of their first album (self titled). Their interesting blend of fast, crunching metal music with ‘idol’ style vocals (very clean polished Japanese language vocals seemingly exclusively performed by young girls) polarized opinion wildly, although their popularity has soared (just recently headlining the prestigious Wembley arena) many (including myself) still question whether their wild stage productions, choreographed dance routines and polished image where all just evidence that this is simply style over substance. Would their second release ‘Metal Resistance’ silence the critics?

Well I’ll start with my only real criticism, Listening to this from start to finish can prove to be something of an endurance test. Clocking in at 54 mins the blend of lighting fast very technical metal with lyrics 99% of people reading this won’t understand will prove testing. As brilliantly played and sang as this album is it is much like the musical equivalent of eating too many sweets by the time you reach it’s climax.

That said it is still well worth persevering with. Opening promisingly with the relentless title track (featuring members of Dragonforce) Metal Resistance very much starts as it means to go on. Second track and first single KARATE is an absolute beast of a track fitting of the arenas BABYMETAL now find themselves playing as well as providing the first of many hooks that will nestle into your brain and won’t leave for a good while. Although an uncompromisingly heavy effort it isn’t without it’s ‘slower’ moments, tracks such as Amore, From Dusk Till Dawn and No Rain No Rainbow provide slightly more “easier on the ears” breaks from the madness that precedes and follows them leading up to the suprising English Closer ¬†The One. Although not perfect this album certainly will silence a good portion of their critics and provides a glimpse into what is sure to be a very bright future for this bizarrely brilliant band.


Highlights: KARATE, Awadama Fever, From Dusk Till Dawn

For Fans Of: Dragonforce, Metal played very Fast, Big Choruses and Absolute Insanity