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Interview with Chin Up, Kid



Chin Up, Kid are a pop punk band from Indianapolis who formed in 2013. I recently got the chance to interview them,  I’ve been a fan of Chin Up, Kid for a few years so it was an honor. I discovered them through my obsession with A Day To Remember a few years a go.

They released their latest album ‘The Way You Live Is Common’ last month.

I interviewed the band and got to know them a little better….

Firstly, introduce yourselves! Who’s in the band and who plays what?

Ben is the vocalist, Cheyenne is the rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist, Michael is the lead guitarist, Will is the bassist/backing vocalist and Davey is the drummer/backing vocalist.

What is the meaning/ how did you come up with the band name?

Chin Up, Kid came about because we wanted to write positive and influential music for people.

When did you form?

We formed March 3, 2013.

You released your 2016 album ‘The Way You Live Is Common’ (which is an awesome album by the way!) for free for a short time. I think that’s a pretty cool thing to do for your fans, what was the reasoning behind it?

We spent over a year perfecting this album and just wanted to give it away to make up for that wait. We just want our music in as many hands as we can get them in.

Do you have any plans for the next album yet?

We have talked about writing a new album but at this point we just want to play out and get some touring under our belt.

Who or what has influenced your music the most?

We have many influences individually. As a band though we have the same influence in pop punk bands such as New Found Glory and Sum 41.

I think you guys are going to get very big very quickly, who would you love to tour with?

We would love to tour with so many! Four Year Strong, The Story So Far, State Champs. New Found Glory, the list goes on!

If you could work with a band/artist on a record, who would it be?

Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, we are currently in the warped tour contest with hopes of winning to record with him.

Are you playing any shows or festivals soon?

Our next show is our last hometown show for awhile. It’s April 15th at The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, IN.

What do you have planned for the next year or so?

Tour, tour and more tour! with a couple of music videos thrown in there.

Do you guys have any plans to come to the UK? 

As of now we don’t but that would be really sweet! We would totally come there!

Where can people check out your music?

We are on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp and more!


Thank you so much to Chin Up, Kid for giving me the opportunity to interview them, it was awesome and I wish the guys all the luck in the world. Please check out their album The Way You Live Is Common.

You can also find Chin Up, Kid here..




Lindsey Thompson


SPOTLIGHT: Sorority Noise



Sorority Noise are a band from Hartford, Connecticut consisting of;

Cameron Boucher – guitar/vocals

Ryan McKenna – bass/vocals

Adam Ackerman – guitar/vocals

Charlie Singer- drums

Vocalist/Guitarist Cameron’s lyrics focus on his experience with addiction and depression, which is strangely what attracted me to them in the first place. There’s something inviting about hearing someone sing about their struggles, maybe it’s because it’s easy to relate to. Their most recent album ‘Joy, Departed’ is brilliant, I felt so at ease and happy listening to it.

I’m so excited for their EP ‘It Kindly Stopped For Me’ which is released April 22nd!


For fans of: The Wonder Years

Highlights: Using and When I See You (from Joy, Departed)